It’s all about the water and the wild side on this Epic Idaho adventure. Pristine paddling kicks off the fun, with a stop in the Snake River canyon for some high-speed thrills, and the whole trip wraps with an awe-inducing getaway to a majestic waterfall.

What to Do



Start your trip along the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway near Hagerman with your sights set on Blue Heart Springs. This riverside oasis is filled with turquoise waters, but you’ll have to work to get there. First, head to Banbury Hot Springs or 1000 Springs Tours to rent a kayak or standup paddleboard as your mode of transportation (paddles and life jackets are included). You can also pick up paddle by paddle directions at the rental facility. Then, hit the water. Please note: this adventure requires some dedicated arm strength, so make sure you have the time and physical stamina to tackle the mighty Snake River’s current.

kayakers in a lagoon
Blue Heart Springs, near Hagerman. Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism.



After all that paddling, chill out with some locally made ice cream at CloverLeaf Creamery in Buhl, which dishes up hand-scooped ice cream and other fresh dairy products like mike and butter(the dairy farm is only four miles from this downtown shop!). With dreamy flavors like Butter Pecan, Chocolate Peanut Butter and good old-fashioned Strawberry, you’ll likely find yourself making more than one visit here.


Twin Falls

 Ready for more action? Continue to Twin Falls and make your first stop the Twin Falls Visitor Center, where you’ll learn about the area’s history and a long list of adventure options. Next, take a short stroll along the Canyon Rim Trail to check out the Perrine Bridge. This bridge is the only legal object for BASE jumping thrill seekers. On calm days, you might see a handful of parachute-wearing daredevils take the nearly 500-foot leap to the Snake River canyon floor below.

bridge with man on parachute
A BASE jumper floats down from the Perrine Bridge. Photo Credit: Matador Network.

For your own canyon adventure, drive down into Centennial Waterfront Park and harness up for a zip line experience you won’t soon forget. AWOL Adventure Sports’ Zip the Snake tour features four lines that crisscross the canyon floor, with the longest zip line stretching 1,750 feet! Wheeeee!

man on zip line
Zip line tour, Twin Falls. Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism.

Next up, Shoshone Falls. For those on a tight timeline, drive straight to Shoshone Falls Park to experience the “Niagara of the West”. At 212 feet tall, Shoshone Falls stands taller than Niagara, making it a spectacular backdrop any day of the week. Don’t forget to snap a selfie or the perfect family photo from the overlook platform. Be sure to have cash with you for the park’s vehicle entry fee.

A view of Shoshone Falls from the viewing deck in the summer.
Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls. Photo Credit: Idaho Tourism.

For adventurers with a full day to explore or those looking for a bigger challenge with an even bigger reward, you can get up close and personal with Shoshone Falls by kayak or paddleboard.  If you don’t have your own gear or safety equipment, you can rent it from AWOL Adventure Sports (reservations are recommended). Once you hit the water, head for the Perrine Bridge and keep on paddling to Pillar Falls. When you reach Pillar Falls, you’ll need to take your kayak or board out and portage around the falls. Please note: if the water levels are too high, you won’t be able to go around Pillar Fills safely or at all).  If your arms are paddled out, simply stay and play at Pillar Falls; otherwise, jump back in the water and paddle on to reach Shoshone Falls.